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  • Picture Road Productions

    Office/Development Manager in DC

    Picture Road Productions

    Washington, DC, United States
    Starts Aug 29

    We're looking for a full-time wear-lots-of-hats individual to join our new and growing production company. Based in Washington, DC, with 20+ years of experience in making non-scripted television, we need someone who can write, talk, create, administrate, d... Learn more »

    Omnifilm Entertainment

    Manager of Drama Development

    Omnifilm Entertainment

    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Starts Aug 26

    MANAGER OF DRAMA DEVELOPMENT July 25, 2016 Omnifilm Entertainment is seeking a Manager of Drama Development to play an important role within our team which develops and oversees scripted television series for the Canadian and international market. T... Learn more »

    Charles Little II

    05 min brand film needs post-audio engineer

    Charles Little II

    Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Starts Aug 26

    Looking for a post-production audio engineer or small studio experienced in matching dialogue takes (exterior and inside car dialogue takes need to be matched so that the background ambience sounds consistent), some very limited sfx design (car horn, subt... Learn more »

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