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  • Deluxe Entertainment

    Billing Coordinator

    Deluxe Entertainment

    Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Starts May 30

    Encore, a Deluxe Entertainment Services Group company, has earned a reputation for providing high-quality service while remaining at the forefront of technological advances. The combination of award-winning engineering, cutting-edge technology, end-to-end... Learn more »

    Apple Tree Entertainment

    Animator for a quick 2D Project

    Apple Tree Entertainment

    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Starts May 30

    We are working on a video for a first nations recovery center. So we want this to have a lot of first nations art involved in it. The animation is going to be like so; First it starts off with a first nations fellow down on his luck, he throws a rugged ... Learn more »

    Flatbush Pictures

    Sound Mixer for Short Doc Project

    Flatbush Pictures

    Oakland, CA, United States
    Starts May 31

    Looking for a one man band sound mixer/recordist with their own kit to help with a short doc shoot next week in the Oakland area. Verite style shooting that will follow a youth being released from a youth detention center and transitioning back home and in... Learn more »

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