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  • The Inspectors LLC

    Carpenter for The Inspectors Season 3 CBS

    The Inspectors LLC

    Charleston, SC, United States
    Starts Feb 20

    The Inspectors is an Emmy Award winning scripted dramatic series set in Washington, D.C., inspired by compelling real cases handled by the United States Postal Inspection Service. The Inspectors strives to educate young people about making the right choice... Learn more »

  • WAV Media

    Motion Graphics Artist for Hip Hop/Electronic Web Series

    WAV Media

    Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Starts Feb 21

    Looking to hire a Los Angeles-based motion graphics artist with a passion for hip hop and electronic music. Duties include creating show titles, lower thirds, and dynamic backgrounds that can react and change to music. All work to be done in After Effects.... Learn more »

  • Vertical Networks

    Sr Content Producer

    Vertical Networks

    Venice, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Starts Feb 21

    As a Sr. Producer at Vertical Networks, you will be responsible for making compelling daily video content for the BROTHER Snapchat Discover channel, as well as play a role in other video production opportunities across the organization. In this position ... Learn more »

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