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  • Spectrum
    Updated Mar 02, 17

    Spectrum is looking for a Senior Writer/Director/Producer to join a passionate & award-winning team to drive original content creation and production for our clients; including brands, agencies and networks. We’re interested in a creative problem-solver with prior success leading a team, collaborating in a dynamic ... Learn more »

  • America's Test Kitchen

    Junior Shooter/Editor

    America's Test Kitchen

    Boston, MA, United States
    Updated Mar 26, 17

    WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: America’s Test Kitchen is looking for a skilled and well-rounded Junior Shooter/Editor to expand our in-house production department. **THIS IS A FULL-TIME STAFF POSITION IN BOSTON, MA.*** This position is the utility player on television and video team. Sometimes you’ll get the ... Learn more »

  • Remote Facilities Inc.

    Satellite Uplink Operator

    Remote Facilities Inc.

    Boston, MA, United States
    Updated Mar 24, 17

    Remote Facilities Inc., is looking to add an experienced Satellite Uplink Operator to our team. As a member of our crew, you will be vital in maintaining our commitment to leading the broadcast, entertainment, event industries with the critical services needed in the production and transmission of live and pre-prod... Learn more »

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