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  • HooplaHa

    Filmmaker with Gear in Cleveland, Ohio

    HooplaHa/Only Good News, LLC

    Cleveland, OH, United States
    Updated Apr 24, 17

    Seeking a filmmaker with gear for an upcoming video shoot in Cleveland, Ohio on May1st. The video shoot itself will last around 2-4 hours. The RAW footage will need to be uploaded to our Dropbox account. Story: Scientists who have found a way to reverse paralysis. Video Segment Details: 2-3 min Only Good Ne... Learn more »

  • Bix Pix Entertainment

    Production Coordinator

    Bix Pix Entertainment

    Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    Updated Apr 19, 17

    Emmy Award winning Production Company is seeking an extraordinary Coordinator with an interest in stop motion animation. This position is responsible for coordinating the on-time launch and delivery of animated shots. Manages all coordination & communication between Department Heads and Production. Responsibili... Learn more »

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