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Professional Plus

Instant Job Alerts

You'll always get notified anytime a new job gets posted that matches up with your skill set. You'll be among the first to apply.

Customized Resume Folder

Store multiple resumes, cover letters and samples of work all in one place. You decide which documents are visible on your profile and which to include in your job applications.

Advanced Job Search

Use advanced search filters to refine our jobs page and pinpoint the exact jobs that are a good match for you. Then apply with a single click.

Unlimited Job Applications

Apply to as many jobs as you want.

Multiple Locations

Add your primary city and up to two more cities where you can work as a local. You'll show up in search results anytime someone is searching those cities and also receive relevant job alerts for opportunities that match any of your locations.

Featured Profile

An enhanced profile that makes you stand out and allows you to feature 3 of your credits.

Featured Placement

You'll show up at the top of search results anytime someone is looking for your skill set. You'll also be prominently featured to job posters when you apply to open positions.

See Who's Viewed Your Profile

Whether you're applying to jobs or just want to see which employers are looking at your profile. Now you'll know.

Featured Credits

Feature your credits to show off work you're most proud of.

Unlimited Messaging

Reach out to any member on ProductionBeast including potential employers.

White Glove Support

Quicker support timeframes and help when you need us most.

Featured Company Profile

A profile designed to drive business through reputation and referrals. List your contact information, credits, past clients, reviews, and more.

Featured Company Placement

Promote your company to the best production professionals in the industry. You pick the target audience, we take care of the rest.

Lead Generation

Be proactive! We'll let you know who's interested in your company and give you the tools to quickly follow up with any potential leads.

Profile Analytics

Powerful analytics dashboard will show you who and when potential clients have viewed your profile... giving you the ideal time to get in touch.

Team Collaboration

Give others in your company access to all of ProductionBeast's features in order to help drive more business your way.

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