Sur les traces d'Arthur

2016 • Feature Film • Awaiting Release

Foreign, Documentary

Production Company

Les Films de Gary

André Montpetit, also known as "Arthur", passed through Quebec's artistic scene like a shooting star. This extraordinary cartoonist and his overactive imagination became widely known in the poster and comic strip world, at the end of the 1960s, before disappearing as quickly as he had appeared. If the "Arthur" myth lives on today, the mystery surrounding André Montpetit is complete. Is he still alive? Does he still draw? What is left of his marginal and rebellious life? Via a mosaic of never-before-seen works of art, original animated sequences and first-hand testimonials, director Saël Lacroix, close by family ties to the artist's circle of friends, explores the past and imagines the present, in an effort to lift the curtain on one of the era's emblematic figureheads, which history has long forgotten.

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