Race Against Time

1999 • TV Movie • Completed

Action, Thriller

Set in the not-too-distant future, Jim Gabriel makes a deadly pact with the powerful organ-harvesting organization Lifecorps in order to pay for the hospitalization of his dying son. They provide him with the money to pay his son's skyrocketing medical bills, and at the end of one year they will come and collect his body. Tragically, before the ink is even dry on the contract, Gabriel discovers Lifecorps has deceived him by concealing news of his son's death. Unable to break his contract, Gabriel is on the run from Lifecorps, its merciless leader Dr. Anton Stofeles and his henchman Burke, a vicious tracker. Gabriel's luck changes when he saves the life of a beautiful but tough bounty hunter named Alex. Gabriel finds another ally in Helen Steele, a rising star in Lifecorps who doesn't agree with the doctor's win-at-any-cost philosophy.

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