Snow in August

2000 • TV Movie • Completed

Drama, Adaptation, Family, Period

Production Company

Sonar Entertainment

Set in Brooklyn during the summer of 1947, the telefilm tells the tale of a fatherless Catholic boy who is endangered after witnessing a violent crime and subsequently forms an extraordinary bond with Rabbi Judah Hirsch, a refugee of war. The young boy struggles to tell the truth and confront a menacing bully as he is magically aided by the eight-foot legendary "Golem" -- a mythical protector who rose from clay to defend the Jewish people from their enemies.<P>A young Irish Catholic boy, Michael Devlin, is the sole witness to the beating of a Jewish shopkeeper by Frankie McCarthy, a member of a gang called the Falcons. Afraid to squeal, Michael confides only in his widowed mother Kate, who promises that God will pass judgment on the guilty. His own heart heavy with guilt, Michael obliges a rabbi in need of help. As trust evolves, Michael shares his secret with Rabbi Hirsch; he knows who beat the shopkeeper. As a kinship deepens, the rabbi shares with Michael knowledge of a mysterious book of Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah, which can create miracles -- such as snow in August. But at its most awesome, it unleashes the Golem, the invincible man-creature and defender of the Jews.<P>As Michael's relationship with the rabbi deepens, it costs him the friendship of his closest friends, Jimmy and Sonny, and provokes intimidating physical abuse from Frankie. The Falcons viciously attack Rabbi Hirsch and make a brazen street assault against Michael and his mother. Determined to gather his courage and stand up to the gang once and for all, Michael visits the hospitalized rabbi to learn the ritual for summoning the Golem. With a showdown looming against Frankie and the Falcons, Michael must place his faith in an ancient Jewish legend to help him confront his tormentors and enforce justice.

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