Fathers and Sons

2004 • TV Movie • Completed

Comedy, Drama, Family

Three vignettes which revolve around three families who grow up on the same street, focusing on relationships between fathers and sons and ultimately intertwine.

The first vignette focuses on the Vitale household where Anthony and Jenny are thrilled by the birth of Nick. Anthony vows to bond with his son in a way he could not with his own father. Often harried, and frustrated by his own unarticulated needs, Anthony slowly grows apart from Nick. It is only when Nick is grown, with a family of his own, that Anthony is able to reach out unconditionally to his only son.

In the second vignette, we meet Anthony's neighbor Gene, a successful airline pilot in the midst of a string of unfulfilling infidelities. After witnessing his son Tom suffer through the death of a former lover while adroitly keeping his current relationship intact, Gene must face the self-wrought isolation within his own marriage to Nora.

The final vignette depicts Elliot, Nick's childhood friend, as a successful lawyer reluctantly returning home to the deathbed of his abrasive father, Noah. Burdened by the care of the terminally ill man, Elliot's mother and sister berate Elliot for his seeming lack of emotion and his disconnection from the family. Elliot's disastrous journey home takes an enlightening turn when he meets Nell, a vibrant young woman who teaches him how to appreciate the present.

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